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Published by Niels on 03 Dec 2006

AScopy 1.0.0 has arrived

And it is with at least a bit of pride to announce this release. There are two major updates in this release:

  1. The decision has been made to drop the DocBook based documentation in favor of a regular man page. Man pages are still the standard and enough converters are freely available to convert the documentation to any possible format.
  2. AScopy now recognizes when a file is new but a copy of a file already present or when a file has been moved. A move of a file will look like a copy of a known file and then the removal of that file, but at least the file can be handled locally on the remote site and does not have to be transported over the network.

The new version can be downloaded here.

For the next version I will probably add the possibility to use different transportation mechanisms like FTP and WebDAV.

Published by Niels on 06 Sep 2006

New AScopy release 0.9.3

It always takes longer than you think. In the FAQ list for the AScopy home page I stated that for a version 1.0.0 to arrive AScopy should be (among other things) be able to exclude files and directories. This means that I can safely update a site for which I still have files open, e.g. using ViM.

Normally that would cause AScopy to detect the ViM swap-files as new files, but now they can be excluded in the .ascopyrc file like this:

exclude .*.swp

And that is all there is to it. The new version can be downloaded here.

Published by Niels on 25 Aug 2006

New AScopy release 0.9.2

A new version of AScopy has been released: 0.9.2. This is a major bug fix release as the previous version did not remove directories in the correct order, i.e. deleting them before they were empty.

You can download the new version here.

Published by Niels on 23 Jul 2006

Official release of AScopy 0.9.1

It is official the 0.9.1 release of AScopy. This site and its project site itself has been maintained with it for the last few weeks and everything goes so well that I am confident that this release can be publicly used.

If you ever want to set up an open source project like this then be prepared to put a lot of time in the initial set up. Stuff like getting SourceForge and FreshMeat working correctly for your project is a lot of work.

Published by Niels on 02 Jul 2006

Added a link

A link to the AScopy web site has been added to the links menu.

Published by Niels on 07 Jun 2006

Another category

I had some frustrating experience with sitecopy. A tool I used to maintain this and other web sites. After some investigation is seemed to have a blocking read in one of its functions. Now I could have tried to fix this or contacted the developers about it, but it had to be solved the difficult way: I wrote a similar application myself in Bash :).

Why Bash? Sitecopy had two disadvantages:

  1. It is written in C and had to be compiled for every platform I use. This made it hard to take an executable copy with me on, for example, a USB-stick.
  2. Since it makes use of standard SSH-tools it it also possible to do site maintenance from behind a firewall using connect (although that has to be compiled).

And of course writing the thing, documenting it and packaging it was fun as well :).

Rest to say that I still like sitecopy, it is a very useful tool but in this case I prefer to eat my own dog food.

The new site maintenance utility can be found here.